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Jiankun new material, trustworthy!

In today's chaotic market development, Jiankun is an enterprise with good strength, quality and reputation among our many partners. Only with excellent strength can we win the trust of consumers, and Jiankun moved us with its sufficient strength and quality.

The cooperation with Jiankun new materials is one of the many partners our company has contacted, which makes us very confident. No matter in terms of product quality or other after-sales service, Jiankun's professional quality and level are unmatched by other enterprises.

In the past three years of cooperation, our company has really felt the professional quality of Jiankun and hopes to have closer cooperation with Jiankun in the future.




Weihai Jiankun new material products Co., Ltd

ADD:No. 3, Fuxing Road, Gushan Town, Lingang Economic and
Technological Development Zone, Weihai City, Shandong Province

TEL:0631-8545956 18663175759(Mr. Liu)



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