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Analysis of aging phenomenon of PE isolation film

Release time2021.12.13

PublisherPE isolation film

PE isolation film is a kind of material that plays an important role in protecting carbon fiber composites, but it is inevitable that some aging phenomena will occur in the use of PE isolation film; Because PE isolation membrane separates the environment from materials, PE isolation membrane will be directly exposed to the influence of various environmental factors in the air. With the passage of time, its structural molecules will change and age.

After the aging of PE isolation film, the surface is generally sticky, gradually hardened, brittle, discolored and spotted.

From the source analysis, the aging phenomenon of PE isolation film lies in the influence of molecular structure and physical state, and the molecular structure of polyethylene is complex, The molecular chain contains short methyl branched chain and long alkyl branched chain (there are about 30 branched chains on about 1000 main carbon molecular chains). In addition, there are double bonds and carbonyls on the polyethylene molecular chain, which are unstable factors. Due to the existence of branched chains and double bonds on the molecular chain, the oxygen absorption rate of polyethylene will be greatly accelerated, especially for products with large surface area of thin films, resulting in the aging of polyethylene.

In order to prolong the service life of PE isolation film, we pay more attention to the improvement of aging resistance in product improvement, so that PE isolation film plays a more and more excellent role in the protection of various products.

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