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What are the aspects of selecting PE isolation film?

Release time2021.12.13

PublisherPE isolation film

PE isolation film is a protective film commonly used in our life and industry. As the name suggests, its function is to protect products; Let's learn the four methods of selecting PE isolation membrane.

1、 Look at the haze. Judge the material by looking at the haze of PE isolation film. The smaller the haze, the purer the material, the better.

2、 Look at static electricity. See the anti-static effect of PE isolation film. Use PE isolation film to stain some paper scraps to see whether there will be adsorption effect and whether the adsorption degree is strong.

3、 Look at the scratch protection. The better the scratch prevention effect of PE isolation film, the better the protective effect will naturally be; Generally speaking, some metal devices are used for scraping to see its effect.

4、 See through too much. Generally, optical instruments are used to measure the transmittance of PE isolation film, but light sources can also be used to measure and check the transmittance.

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